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Our core team of professionals has over 40 years of experience in planning, directing and executing almost every imaginable marketing, sales and communications program. In today’s intensely crowded and competitive marketplace, one of our most important strengths is the ability to carefully match the most suitable writers, art directors, producers and media specialists to each client’s specific project requirements. We have a decades-long relationship with some of the best talent in the industry, enabling us to carefully pick an ideal account team to precisely fit the assignment at hand, instead of forcing work out of less qualified or unsuitable agency staff—because they’re already on the payroll. This lowers the cost, greatly increases product quality and dramatically shortens product delivery dates. Our clients never pay to support bloated, non-productive agency staffing.

For clients with substantial media needs, we have a proprietary relationship with a leading international media buying organization that invests over $15 billion annually through 186 offices in 80 countries. This provides clients with even modest budgets, immense leverage when we negotiate rates across a full media spectrum, including broadcast, print, out-of-home, internet, direct marketing and product placement venues.

Full Service Capability

Matrix Marketing Group is committed to providing our clients with exemplary service in all facets of the business. Along with our media advertising expertise, we are actively involved in packaging and logo designs, full blown corporate identity programs, publicity/PR efforts, website design, production of sales promotion and collateral material, plus design and fielding of primary marketing and creative research projects. When using any of these services, our clients know that we will always meet these critical needs:

  • Creative work will be based on smart strategic and tactical thinking
  • They have a partner who knows the “short cuts” to a competitive edge in the market

We will maximize the impact of every dollar invested in marketing programs.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simply this: we save our clients time and money while helping them build sales, market share and brand equity levels. We have an outstanding record of achievement in this business with a blue chip list of client case histories, ranging from airlines, financial services, health care, travel and hospitality, to restaurant chains, insurance, automotive, food and package goods marketers.