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  Core Team

Don Rutz
President - Partner

Don Rutz brings almost 40 years experience managing a full range of client services. This includes designing marketing programs, brand positioning, developing new media applications and creative concepts, plus involvement in a number of successful new product introductions.

"In this business, we're really fortunate to work with the most dynamic and exciting raw materials - IDEAS. We get to invent solutions to problems that often appear to be unsolvable. And the positive results that we achieve can always be made more effective by our commitment to teamwork, client focus, learning and professional growth. In every successful marketing agency, Creative isn't just a's an attitude that's woven into the fabric of the whole organization."

Don has worked with many of the best known clients in the business world. These include Barton Beers, Ltd., Brunswick Corporation, Conoco, First American Bank Corporation, Heublein, Zenith Electronics, Gatorade, Wall Street Journal, Wendy's International and Toyota. Additionally, he helped launch three airlines, plus a number of new consumer product ventures.

"My professional commitment is based on the conviction that in today's extremely dynamic and volatile business universe, those organizations providing clients with a distinct marketing edge that translates into greater profitability, will be highly valued as strategic assets. I believe that Matrix Marketing Group embodies the multi-disciplined talent base that produces these results within relatively short time frames and in an 'easy to do business with' culture."

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Mike Oakes
VP - Partner

With more than three decades of experience on both the client and agency sides in advertising, marketing, and public relations, Mike Oakes has seen it all. At the Chicago Board of Trade he served as Senior Manager Corporate Communications handling press relations for the world's busiest futures exchange.

Later, as Director of Marketing Communications and Advertising at the Board, he helped launch the highly successful Dow Jones equities contract. While at Frankel & Company, he headed up the creative group responsible for the development and launch of the McDonald's Happy Meal promotion. Mike's client experience ranges from S.C. Johnson, State Farm Insurance, to First National Bank, and American National Bank. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his leadership role at Matrix.

"After 30-plus years in the industry, the allure of the business still remains because there is no end to the challenges and the solutions are continually gratifying. And, there is something very rewarding about changing the consumer's perceptions of a product or service and convincing them to use it.

"From the moment I joined the advertising world, I've found a great deal of satisfaction in seeing a solid marketing plan at work. Regardless of the client, at Matrix we strive to deliver the very best strategic planning and creative marketing solutions to our clients."

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